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From 22nd to 26th April 2019

Testimonials from guest students


Sabina P., Cluj-Napoca, Romania (IMW 2013)


SabinaI am Sabina, from Cluj-Napoca, Romania and I’ve studied Business Administration in Hospitality Services at the Babes-Bolyai University in the same city. I participated in the International Marketing Week at EPHEC in March-April 2013.


To begin with, I had no idea how things were going to turn out, except the schedule and the topic, which was Sustainable Packaging. My teachers were very supportive regarding this trip so me and my colleague were quite motivated to come to EPHEC, even though we did not know what to expect.


I have to say that it has been a wonderful experience and I feel blessed that I had the opportunity of getting to know a bit of Belgium in such an entertaining way. I didn’t know too much about Belgium before and it was great to live for a week in a Belgian family and have a truly authentic experience. The people, both the family and students at EPHEC, were very open and friendly and they made me feel very welcome. The thing I liked most about the experience was definitely the people I met.


Besides that,​​ the topic was very interesting and the speakers amazed me. I did not expect to be so captivated by each and every subject and speaker. I was very pleasantly surprised that they were very well prepared and the time during the classes passed like flying. From the speaker from Delhaize, to the one from Fostplus or the one who talked about climate change, they were all very well documented and talked like true professionals.


This helped us a lot in creating the packaging. Moreover, I got the chance to be in a team with three really great Belgian students and a very nice girl from Kazakhstan. As a result, we won some pretty nice prizes at the end. We felt very content with the job we made and the fact our work was appreciated.


To sum up, the whole experience was very enriching. First, I got a lot of insight in issues like sustainable packaging, climate change and recycling, subjects that interest me very much. Second, I met some great people that I hope to meet again, in life. Third, I have seen that Belgium is a beautiful country, that is worth visiting and I am extremely eager to be there again and visit the friends I made at EPHEC.


Sally C., Abertay, Dundee​​ (IMW 2012)


SallyI had such a great time! I thought it was well organised, engaging, interesting and I feel I really learnt something from it, they should definitely keep doing it! It was really fun working and engaging with foreign students as well. I will always remember my trip to Belgium!!​



Agathe, B., Abertay, Dundee (IMW 2012)


French student in exchange in the university Abertay of Dundee in Scotland, I had the chance to participate in the international week in Louva​​in la Neuve at​​ EPHEC in 2011. It was a great experience, a week full of meetings, evening parties, a program really well organized: quality lectures, vocational experience with a real case with Delhaize. Belgian people are very welcoming and the school does everything for the integration. I’d gladly renew this experience!​


Testimonials from EPHEC students


Amandine V. (IMW 2012)


AmandineI really appreciated joining the International week organised by EPHEC last year. The topic focuses on green packaging for the brand Delhaize (supermarket).


On the one hand, it was an opportunity to meet international students. It was also a funny way to improve our English because this language was of course the common basis. I also had the chance to host a student. For me it was the most interesting point of the week. My family and I discovered a lot about the country of my host. It really was an exchange process because I also tried to show the Belgian “treasures” such as beers, waffles and chocolate.


On the other hand, it really was an academic added value. Actually, we attended lectures from professionals who had experience​​ in green packaging. We also had a lot of tutorials about motivation. We learnt different teaching methods because we worked in small groups with most of the time only two Belgians in it. A proper ceremony to congratulate students was organised and the supermarket staff were present too.


To sum up, even if it was only a week process, I think we learnt a lot and most of us are still in contact with our host student. So don’t be shy and enjoy the Belgian experience !​


Perrine V. (IMW 2013)


What can I say about this amazing week with foreign students…


First I was a little scared because of the language. I thought I wasn’t able to understand everything but finally it was fine. Now I’m more at ease when I speak English with other people.


So, don’t hesitate to participate even you think the language can be difficult : it’s a good way to improve your skills.


During this week you have the opportunity to meet foreign people and to keep in touch with them afterwards. My guest student, Sonja, was very friendly and if I go in Germany one day, she said that I can come to her village.


About the project we had to do, creating a packaging for a product was very funny and it’s creative work so I like it a lot. I’m just a little disappointed about the products on which we had to work on: we can’t do a lot of things, and we have too many constraints.


Anyway, the week was very great and if you have the opportunity to participate next year, don’t hesitate, just DO IT !😀​


Brice V. (IMW 2011-2012)


BriceFor the last two years I took part in the international week organized by EPHEC.


I hosted each year four foreign students from all around the world: Sweden, Czech Republic, Canada, Egypt and even from the Flemish part of Belgium.


During these weeks, we created a new sustainable packaging for an important food retailer of Belgium: Delhaize. At the beginning it was a big deal to work together because we all came from different horizons with a different knowledge and experience but in reality, having a “cross-cultural” group provides us with an amazing source of ideas for achieving our challenge.


After class, lots of activities were organized to get to know one another (student parties, visit of the Atomium, Brussels, Louvain-la-Neuve, amusement park…). This created a great atmosphere in our group.


This experience was a great and memorable week!


Moreover, the international week organized by EPHEC was also an opportunity to take part in a first international experience and I could also improve my international skills and my English level. A great insight for the people who want to go for an ERASMUS after it!​


Youri J. (IMW 2011-2012)


YouriTaking part in an international week or welcoming foreign students at home are two unforgettable experiences. This international week enables you to meet numerous new people, and why not to be invited abroad too. But it’s also a week filled with lectures about the creation of packagings that will meet Delhaize’s new trends. In a nutshell, it’s tons of fun and an experience offering a wealth of ​learning opportunities and emotions.​


Testimonials from guest lecturers


Christian Horn, University of Bamberg, Department of Marketing (IMW 2012)


ChristianFor me as a teaching assistant, it was a great experience for my students and me to visit the “International Marketing Week” at EPHEC in 2012. As a partner institution, EPHEC tried to make the planning and stay as convenient as possible and we were welcomed very friendly at the train station of Louvain-la-Neuve. The friendliness and good organization remained for the whole stay.


As a university-teacher in marketing it was important for me that our students could gain a solid knowledge in the topic of “sustainability in marketing”. This worked excellent. The program offered a solid mixture of high-level theoretical knowledge in lectures from excellent speakers and practical experience in projects and company visits. I’m sure our students also gained a lot from the international flair and getting into conversation with students from Belgium and other European countries, as well as getting a taste of the Belgian culture.


Thus, I can really recommend this week for students from our and from other universities as a great international experience and a way to get solid knowledge on the topics of the “International Marketing Week”. Additionally, since 2013, there is usually the possibility to gain credits from this course for our study paths in Bamberg.



Lukáš Kučera, Ing., The Institute of Technology and Business, České Budějovice​ (IMW 2012)


LukasThe International Business Week I participated in was held in March 2012 (25th – 30th March). The whole week was for me a big and very nice experience because of a good organization, nice and friendly staff, very interesting lectures, trips and very entertaining evenings in the beautiful city of Louvain La Neuve.


I evaluate this Business Week as a great experience not only for students but also for teachers. Students work on their project (I think that the topics of the project – new packaging design – is nowadays very important) and teachers can join or help the students or they can visit the very nice city of Louvain La Neuve. For me it was very interesting to participate in the seminars about creativity, ecology and other similar topics which are discussed a lot nowadays. I think the organization of the whole week (programme, seminars, excursions, closing party etc.) was very professional.


The big advantage of Louvain La Neuve is also the location of the city nearby Brussels so transport from the capital city is very fast and problem-free. The organizers booked for me a nice hotel a 15-minute walk from the school so the movement to the school was also comfortable and on the first day a taxi picked me and my colleagues up in front of the hotel to show us a way to school.


Finally I must say that the whole week was for me and also for my students a very nice experience and I definitely recommend to all students and teachers to visit this International Business Week. I have to say big thanks again to the organizers for an amazing week and I am looking forward to another visit in Louvain La Neuve.

Stepanka Hronova, The University of Finance and Administration, Prague (IMW 2012)


The interational marketing week in Louvain-la-Neuve was a great opportunity to attend sessions of subject-matter experts offering their expertise to international audience consisting of students as well as lecturers from multiple countries. It can be definitely considered a platform for exchange of the up-to-date information and fresh ideas. Its spirit is dynamic and the atmosphere is great. During formal gatherings one receives valuable data and observes a modern approach of the invited speakers.

The spare time of each individual is devoted not only to relaxation but more frequently to networking which can bring future cooperation among the participating international tertiary education institutions and their attendees.


My personal experience is fruitful. The IMW organized by the E.P.H.E.C. in Louvain-la-Neuve will stay in my memories. Undoubtedly, if there is a chance, I would like to spend a week of this great atmospehere again.

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