Do you feel like brewing, marketing and exporting a Belgian beer ?

From 22nd to 26th April 2019

The topic of the 12th edition

The topic of the INTERNATIONAL MARKETING WEEK is “Feel like brewing, marketing & exporting a Belgian beer".

Do you feel like

brewing, marketing & exporting

a Belgian beer ?

During the International Marketing Week, you’ll have to market and export an authentic and traditional old style Belgian farm beer produced by our partner Bertinchamps (

The programme is as follows :

Monday 22/04: Welcoming

All participating students will be welcomed and picked up from train station from 6 PM.

Tuesday 23/04 : Icebreaking activities and visit to our partner, Bertinchamps

The day will start with the visit of the company Bertimchamps.  After the visit of the brewery, students will get the briefing from the company and will be able to start working in small groups on their marketing and export project.  Icebreaking activities will be organised and the day will be closed with a European Aperitif.

Wednesday 24/04

On Wednesday, teambuilding activities and working sessions will alternate.  Lecturers will coach students to make sure they fully understood the briefing.

Thursday 25/04

Working sessions and coaching sessions will be organised.  The day will close with the closing dinner and party.

Friday 26/04

Students will have to present their project to a jury.  Prizes will be handed out to students during the prize-giving ceremony which will close the week around 2 PM.

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