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Do you feel like brewing, marketing and exporting a Belgian beer ?


From 22nd to 26th April 2019

This event will be an opportunity for an intercultural and creative project in an academic context. Indeed, various groups of second-year students from our Bachelor Degree in Marketing will be mixed with students from our partner or associated institutions in Belgium and Europe, such as yours. Therefore, guest students are expected to study at least at Level 2 and have a background in Marketing studies.

Students from different institutions from all over Europe

Belgian students interested in a international experience

International lecturers

The Agence pour l’Entreprise & l’Innovation (AEI) was established by a decree and lies at the heart of Declaration on regional policy, under which it is given essential missions for enterprise, innovation and digital development. More specifically, the AEI:

•puts SMEs on the path towards development;

•makes life easier for enterprises by providing a range of aid for SMEs;

•is developing a strong policy in the Spirit of Enterprise to encourage enterprising generations, support female entrepreneurship, and inform entrepreneurs about available aid;

•supports social innovation;

•supports the social economy, based in particular on cooperatives;

•is helping Wallonia go digital.


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